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Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study gives you crucial information before embarking on a capital campaign, identifying leadership, funding and challenges you may face.  More critically, however, it quietly builds community support for the project, ensuring your campaign will hit the ground running.  For any organization considering a major capital campaign, the feasibility study is essential.

J.C. Geever, Inc. feasibility studies involve the key leaders, donors and opinion shapers who will make your campaign a success. Through carefully planned and executed interviews, we elicit answers to three critical questions:

  1. Do leaders in your community believe this project should be undertaken?
  2. Will key donors support the proposed campaign at a level to make it succeed?
  3. Are individuals with wealth and influence in your community willing to provide leadership for the proposed campaign?

Our groundwork prior to those interviews ensures that our feasibility study will provide an accurate picture, one that will allow you to move forward based on solid information and reasonable expectations. Preparation for a J.C. Geever feasibility study entails the following:

  • We work carefully with your Board and staff to select the best interview subjects
  • We set up an interview schedule which ensures that we see the most influential individuals in your community
  • We craft each interview to elicit responses to all relevant questions

We assign only senior level consultants or an officer of the firm to conduct your study. Upon completion, we present a thorough analysis of information obtained from the interviews and a set of clear recommendations based on this analysis.

For more information, e-mail us or call 212-925-5800.