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Foundation and Corporate Grants Research and Strategy

You may have the staff and the time to write proposals. But who should be reading them? And what is the best way to present your priorities?

J.C. Geever, Inc. offers a flexible, "a la carte" menu of research and strategy services that can help you:

  • strengthen your message and case for support
  • indicate the best priorities to present in the current climate
  • address any weaknesses or challenges that might present an obstacle to funding
  • help you put together the right resources to get the job done

In a quick, cost-effective way we can:

  • quickly survey the field or a giving category for you
  • find the best prospects
  • develop a strategy of approach
  • create an outreach calendar to plan your grantseeking approach
  • help you think strategically about how to best present your project
  • advise you how to effectively present your case and communicate with a grantmaker

For more information on how we can how your organization improve its grantseeking efforts, email us or call 212-925-5800.