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Staff training adds knowledge and skills to the talent and experience your organization already possesses.  A wide range of agencies, among them the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, The Foundation Center, The Library of Congress, Lighthouse, Inc. and Planned Parenthood have all benefited from J.C. Geever, Inc.’s specialized training for large and small groups on critical issues in not-for-profit management, volunteer development and fundraising.

All training is customized for the individual client, to meet your particular needs, and is designed for the size and background of the group that will attend.

Topics include:

  • Proposal Writing
  • Developing Foundation and Corporate Grants
  • Developing Your Board of Directors
  • How to Ask for Gifts from Individuals
  • Evaluating Your Agency’s Programs and Services
  • Critical Issues in Philanthropy and Ethics

For more information about how we can train your volunteers and staff to make your organization more effective, e-mail us or call 212-925-5800.